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Increase your income by partnering with a trustworthy homestay agency.


Additional sources of income.

We partner with diverse partners, including real estate agents, owners of real estate portfolios, development and management firms, relocation agencies, and many more.

We would be happy to hear from you if you are seeking for ways to increase your (or your clients') revenue.

Portfolio owners & Property Managers

Our services are designed for portfolio owners and property managers who manage guest accommodations themselves but require assistance with marketing and distribution of their properties.

A partnership with LetClub can increase your occupancy, nightly rates, and overall income if you manage between 5 and 100 short-term rental homes or have a portfolio of properties.


Estate agents

Owners and landlords can fill in the gaps in their portfolio &generate extra revenue while they wait for the ideal sale or long-term rental with the help of our complimentary service for estate agents. 

The house won't be left empty; instead, well-screened, considerate, and like-minded visitors will enjoy it & dwell there.
We provide a completely managed solution that handles everything and gives partners and their clients peace of mind. 

Property developers & property management firms

Property managers who have empty houses or developers who have new units coming can profit from extra income made while finding the right tenants or buyers.

We handle the entire building on a 24/7 basis or just work with specific units or building portions. You can make money on a temporary basis by renting out your property for short-term rentals, and it also makes the space more inviting and lively for viewings.

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